Relays between my browser and the web

Using the Tor Browser allows for free and private exploring on the web. To test this theory, I first typed in the DuckDuckGo search bar, “What is my ip?” The results showed, “Your IP address is unavailable.” However, in Google’s search bar in a public browser, my public IP address did display.

Tor does more than keeping your search private. It lets you explore freely by allowing you to search sites that cannot be seen on the web. ProPublica being one. The journalism site aims to “expose abuses of power” and more — embracing the watchdog identity of the press.

Rise Up is another site seen through Tor’s browser. This network aids people aiming to “work on liberatory social change.”

Another interesting site Tor supports — the CIA. With the label, “The work of a nation,” it is odd they are not easily available to the nation.

All three sites offer beneficial information to the American public. However, when searched for on a public browser, the only result is an error. It alarming to see they are not available unless found on a private browser.

Another difference I found between using Tor and a public browser was a slightly slower loading time.

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