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Increasing Internet Usage in Canada – Cameron Dobbs
Canadian exercises freedom of expression
People gather in Toronto to peacefully protest during the 2010 G20 Summit. The protestors enjoyed themselves as they proudly exercised and celebrated their freedom of expression. (Photo by Jason Hargrove, CC BY 2.0) (Original Photo)

Canadians are pushing to upgrade to an all-access unlimited data plan as Internet usage increases. Now, 90 percent have broadband and 81 percent are satisfied with its speed. In fact, compared with the United States and Mexico, Canada has the fastest mobile speed.

Cira reports 70 percent of the population uses Facebook and more than half subscribe to Netflix. With the rise of Internet, e-commerce is growing, too.

Freedom House reports that Canada has a shining status of free Internet access, minimal obstacles to gain access, and few regulations on content. However, the government’s recent attempt to encourage the population to tune in to news sites by giving benefits to subscribers may affect the validity and accessibility of the press if the government chooses which publications qualify as worthy for benefits.

Similar to many countries, Internet is an “integral part of Canada’s socio-economic infrstructure.” Canada’s cost for low speed Internet ranks among the cheapest globally, while the price of broadband Internet ranks on the high-end, deepening the digital divide between rural and urban areas. However, Canada’s government is aware of the issue and works to prevent the divide by improving the broadband coverage throughout the country.

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