With a full charge of battery, phone in hand, and water bottle within reach, I was ready for the Miami-Clemson game to start. I had tabs of Twitter, Instagram, CBS Sports, and team rosters pulled up.

One of my favorite tweets from the night involved knowledge from other college games and gave perspective of the whole day. It brought attention to the spontaneity of college football. Even though Clemson controlled this game from the start, there was a glimpse of hope for the Hurricanes.

To my surprise, my friends in the room were not distracting but an extra set of eyes. If I were ever focused on my phone long enough to miss a play, their reactions cued me to pay attention. Despite having five ‘Canes in the room, I did not let my bias shine through.

While live tweeting, nothing particularly went wrong, but there is room for improvement. One small detail I was constantly conflicted upon was hashtags. Either using more or less, I can be more consistent with my tags next time.

For future games, I will print out stats and rosters to have beside me, rather than relying on my phone. This will specifically allow me to tweet additional overall game and program stats throughout.

Before the game began, I did make notes of topics I wanted to touch on throughout the night. Next time, I will look into scheduling my pregame posts leading up to the event. I plan to use more media in the future through pictures, videos, and gifs to make my tweets stand out.

To add more character, I would like to take note of the commentators’ conversations. Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit both added stats, opinions, and stories that could have been used for content especially in the fourth quarter as the game began to slow.

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