Let’s play a game. 

Raise your hand if you have ever struggled in deciding to follow your Christian calling or run after your professional career.

Hand raised? You’re not alone!

While at the University of Miami, I majored in Broadcast Journalism and double minored in Marketing and Advertising. Now, I am finishing my master’s in journalism with a focus in sports reporting, and my sights set on one day working with ESPN

Outside of the classroom, I served on several teams in my church, attended Bible studies, and led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

I knew my abilities belonged in front of the camera but was God calling me to ministry?

What UM did not teach me was what Elaine Rau did: your faith can be merged with your work.

After taking Rau’s Grow Your Christian Blog course, I have learned practical ways I can do just that.

Rau teaches strategy and scripture, business and the Bible

As I transition from the college world post-graduation in December and into full-on adulting, I am continuing to build my own personal brand and blog. With the knowledge of this course, I am confident in walking through the new season. 

Since I am still working on my website, I do not have analytics or statistics to prove there has been growth. Still, trust me. This course is incredible, and the knowledge alone of mixing side-gigs with spiritual ties can be perspective-shifting and life-changing.

So, is your interest peaked? Do you want to launch your own Christian blog? Do you want to learn how to build a business? Do you want to know how to optimize reach, impressions, and sales on social media? Do you want to see how you, too, can merge Bible and business

If so, I cannot recommend this course enough.

I do have an affiliate link, and I get commissions based off of purchases made through this link. Nonetheless, know that I will not recommend any product that I do not first try and love. I committed several hours into completing and studying this course, amidst Hurricanes Volleyball travel season, might I add! My willingness to work through the course in a hectic time of my life should further show how worthy this course is of your attention. 

The course is just one click away!

You can also use my promo code: CAM.DOBBS for 20% off! That roughly makes the course only $78

I pray you are not only educated but inspired by this course. Enjoy the step-by-step videos and additional access to useful resources that allow you to start a thriving empire if you so choose!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

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