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What’s up guys?! I’m Cameron Dobbs, and this is God is My Coach.

For my entire life I was always the try-hard, the overachiever, the girl who had her entire life together. I was a starter on the University of Miami ‘Canes Volleyball team, the Co-president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, led the operation of Operation Christmas Child at UM, served on the executive board of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) at Miami and at the conference level. I served at Metro Life Church, anchored for multiple shows within UMTV. I had a 3.96 GPA at UM, and graduated Summa Cum Laude at the top of my class.

People always asked how I handled everything I did. I had the same response every time, simply shrugging it off and saying with a smile, “good question!”

I’m a 3w2 on the Enneagram Test. What does that mean? Well, I’m an achiever that’s going to do whatever I do to the best of my ability — even if it kills me. Why? Because I have to be the best. And, that wing two simply means I’m going to do all this with a smile on my face, happily accepting more work from more organizations as I’m burnt out and spread the thinnest possible — but I have a smile on my face and my FCA shirt on my chest, so I’m good, right?

Wrong. I was the best at faking it ’til I made it.

But know this, just because someone carries their burdens well doesn’t mean the load isn’t heavy.

In my new podcast, God is My Coach, you’re going to listen to the unfiltered behind the scenes of being an athlete, the issues of mental health that come with it, and how to survive juggling being a student, athlete, coach, and human — by simply telling you my story. I will be introducing you to coaches I’ve had along the way, and the one who’s been there all along.

Through my journey, I have learned, that no matter what, my identity is not rooted in my play on the court or performance in the classroom; it’s rooted in Jesus Christ.

I pray through God is My Coach; you’ll learn the same. Be the light, be blessed, and stay tuned for more.


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